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Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a convenient form of transportation service in which the carriage is greatly simplified, reducing costs for the customer. The only thing required from the customer — provision of the cargo and its reception in the selected destination. The entire process of delivery organization remains with the contractor including paperwork, selection of route, vehicles and escort.

Among the advantages of freight forwarding can be noted

  • No problem with selection of transport, its order, insurance of cargo, signing documents, and invoices.
  • Opportunity to choose the optimal route of delivery that reduces costs and guarantees the arrival of the goods in safe and sound.
  • Forwarding involves the use of  handling equipment, specialists in the development of the route and escorting the cargo and the accuracy of contractors.
  • Excluding the possibility of delays on deliveries of the goods and their loss.

Freight forwarding by a reliable company will save you from many potential problems associated with transportation. You only need to apply and the specialists will contact you to discuss the details of the forthcoming transaction.

To get more information about the transportation of your cargo, please contact our specialists by phone +7 (495) 505-34-80 or via the e-mail info@rst-l.ru. In addition, you can leave an application for cargo transportation by completing the feedback form below.

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